Cabeza Kodak

Acrylic on Wood Panel
(each panel- 4'x3') 4'x6'
Fall 2010


Fall 2010
2.5ft x 5ft
Acrylic on Canvas

Self-Portrait : Final Drawing

Drawing Final for my Second Year drawing class.

Conte, charcoal, pencil, on paper.

Pictured on my drawing board and below framed as a diptych. 

Day of the Dead Portraits

Acrylic on Wooden Board

Diptych: Self-Portrait + Portrait of my sister, Ali
24"x20" each

Day of the Dead and Projector-inspired

based off of this photo:

 And this commissioned portrait of a friend, after seeing the two above she requested one of herself in a similar style.

Still Life: Projectors

Acrylic on wooden board. Still life of 35mm Film Projector.

*items have already been sold

Pop Art Triptych

(3) Acylic and Mixed Media on canvas. 30x33inches





Full Triptych:

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

Light Photography

High School Photography experimenting with light and slow shutter speed.

Taken with Canon PowerShot SX10IS most with a shutter of 15secs.

Murder Mystery

Acryclic and Sharpie on canvas

painting inspired by a Murder Mystery party I attended...

"Old Heroes Never Die" - Series

A collection of photographs taken in the Projection Booth at a Movie Theatre with a NikonFE10 35mm.

High School Work

"Tools" (2004)
pencil on paper


Perro en Alebrije (2005)
Acrylic on wooden board


"Mirrored" (2005)
Wire, steel wool, broken mirror, pop can


"Jeepney"-inspired watercolour (2007)


"Las Dos" (2007)
Acrylic on wooden board


"Take a Deep Breath" (2008)
Mixed Media and collage on salvaged wooden board


"Self-Portrait Triptych" (2008)
Mixed Media and collage on paper


"Como me ves te veras" (2007)


"Viva la Vida" (2008)
Clay and tissue paper



If you’re interested in commissioning any new art please feel free to contact me:


Prices vary depending on medium, size, time spent.

Most items in this portfolio have already found homes, but I am more than happy to create replicas/inspired pieces of any item already seen here.